Create from a simple observation

Experience in the area of ​​voting systems for conventions, conferences, seminars and workshops, raises Votick to meet the demands of users, organizers or voting after the following findings:

  • Radiofrequencies The radio frequency systems are not always reliable, and especially heavy to deploy and maintain
  • Costs The operational costs are high and it remains dependent on technicians
  • Loyalty New technologies offer an infinite integration of services and a powerful loyalty
  • SMS The sms are overtaxed, so banish

Developed since 2012, Votick triple technology solution (sms, mobile application & web) now allows simple mobile or smartphones to participate in internally dynamic voting sessions, or throughout public space in setting of polls, surveys, or assessments and such in real-time.

Votick allows you to use any measure quotation, advice, opinion thank to a easy interfaces, but also to interactively participate in community decisions by expressing instantly (anonymous /identified) personnal choices.

Votick also proposes the development a public platform, wich is a permanent reference for published opinions addressed to survey and marketing agencies, but also directly to companies as an external communication tools to probe the reputation of their brand.

In this context, Votick offers citizens, consumers, the means to express themselves, and gives professionals access to all the trends.

Votick mission is to collect, transport and publish the opinions of many, everywhere and at any time in a frinedly way!

Why choose Votick

  • Multiple channels (SMS, Web, Apps)
  • Flexible CRM opportunity (before-during-after)
  • Easy "do it yourself" interface & PPT integration
  • Low-cost phone number
  • Instant messages capabilities
  • Valuable stats directory
  • Powerfull infographics output
  • Shared universal platform for publications